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High touch, high impact services without the high cost and operational weight.

Most of the service offerings at Tellus will be handled by third-party vendors who must pass a rigorous vetting process. Outsourcing to our partners provides the dual benefit of reducing overhead and providing a better, more elevated, experience to our customers.

Initially, Tellus will collect a 10% premium for any service coordinated through its concierge staff.

As the services are proven out over time, we will reassess which services make sense to bring in-house and which should remain third-party. With scale, we will also be able to leverage the product quality and loyalty of our partners to promote the Tellus brand, and visa versa. We expect our partners, ranging from furniture companies to food and alcohol purveyors, will be eager to gain access to our customer in a comfortable, home-like environment which may open additional revenue sources as the value to the partners is proven out over time.

How are we different?

TellusHotelVacation RentalSecond Home
Full kitchen
Private pool
Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms
Dedicated garage
Flexible stay
Customizable furnishings
Community amenities and programming
Gated development
Concierge services
Office suites, meeting space
Most affordable in competitive set

Ready to stay

Ready for the day

Ready to go


The experience at Tellus begins with an online questionnaire covering a range of specifics from furniture needs in the flex suite to dietary restrictions and preferences for their daily juice and welcome basket. These questionnaires will become the foundation of our customer database and will be tracked and updated across properties.

Each Tellus community will include a number of amenity offerings, which come without any fees or resort surcharge, including:

Gated community
Pool + Spa
Boutique Office Suites
Outdoor Activity Loop
Fresh Juice Daily
Welcome Gift Basket
Customized Furnishings
On-site Concierge

For those residents looking for more extensive service offerings, Tellus provides any of the following, for a premium:

Private chef + sommelier
Stocked Wine Cellar + Bar
Curated Excursion Guide
Stocked Refrigerator + Pantry
Cleaning Service
Personal Training
Car Rental
Daily Newspaper


Each community will be staffed with three full-time concierge positions and two full-time maintenance personnel. The concierge position will double as community managers, property managers, and runners. There will be no food and beverage departments, no housekeeping staff, and no management hierarchy. The intention is to keep all Tellus communities lean and pass most of the high-touch services directly through to its residents, in an effort to keep the operating expense ratio at 35% or below. Although we offer plenty of services, we view our business as a real estate rental company, above all.