The first of its kind.

Tellus is a luxury single family home community for affluent short-term renters. Ideally situated in the most desirable locations, the gated, amenity-filled environment offers residents access to a full menu of concierge services.

Tellus provides the comfort and privacy of a second home with the service and atmosphere of a five-star hotel.

Product Pillars


Best-in-class homes, amenities, and furnishings with thoughtful design and site-specific architecture.


Adaptable floor plans, flexible term stays and amenities that shift to evolve with residents.


High-touch, a la carte concierge services to meet each client’s specific needs.


Scenic and private locations, in close proximity to shopping, dining and recreational activities.


Lifestyle Shift

Declining levels of homeownership, a growing desire for flexibility, and a focus on quality and experiences all point to the opportunity for a new real estate product and asset class.

The nature of work

As remote work becomes more prevalent, executives are reimagining conventions of live-work-play and broadening demand for longer term vacation options.


As wealth continues to concentrate at the very top, we are seeing the creation of a truly protected class, and their descendants stand to inherit an estimated $68 trillion over the next 25 years. Catering to the preferences of the benefactors today, but tapping into the preferences of their beneficiaries for tomorrow, will unlock far more real estate value over the next several decades.


New Product Type

Create luxury, single-family residences in a community that appeals to discerning, experience-driven consumers. Tellus delivers the atmosphere of a 5-star hotel, without the operational weight.

Direct to Consumer

Build a branded experience that aligns with emerging consumer preferences and supports Tellus as a profitable and scalable business model.


The search for quality and authenticity drive every decision - consumers want products that stand the test of time and experiences with which they feel connected. Every Tellus project is an exploration of local architecture and design, and every community is embedded in nature and responds to the surrounding landscape.


Long Term

Our goal is to aggregate a large portfolio of the best land in the best leisure destinations around the country, to generate wealth through long term real estate ownership, and create further opportunities at each location with redevelopment potential.


While each Tellus community will be self-sufficient, our business plan works exponentially better at scale. With every new location, Tellus builds operational efficiencies, stronger brand loyalty, and significantly more enterprise value, beyond each property-level performance.

Risk Mitigation

We are passionate believers in the Tellus operating strategy, but we are disciplined investors at our core. If our business underperforms, we can always pivot and retool the investment thesis, and in a worst-case scenario, sell our best-in-class single-family home inventory for a healthy profit.